The Superstitions on Baby Gender

The Misconceptions on Baby Gender

The enthusiasm of couples on deciding the gender of the baby still continues.

Though people suppose that they can do, it is not possible to decide the gender of the baby. It is only possible to learn the existent gender earlier.

Most of the couples apply to the methods that are not proved or has no medical reference. Most known ones of them are BabyChoice-Materna, Microsoft-Ericson, Shettles, Diet-Nutrition and Chinese calendar. Furthermore, the websites that shelter many of untrue knowledge are unfortunately among the mostly viewed websites.
Here are some of these superstitions (Do not give credence):
If the belly of the pregnant grows in a shape of egg, the baby grows as a boy; if the belly spreads to the sides, the baby grows as girl.
If the expectant father puts on weight with the mother during the pregnancy the baby grows as a boy.
If the mother gets more beautiful during pregnancy, the baby grows as a boy as the girl draws the beauty of the mother.
If the mother craves for delight, the baby grows as a girl and if the mother craves for salty things the baby grows as a boy.
If the chest area of the mother grows the baby arrives as a girl.
If the mother is getting cold during the pregnancy, the baby grows as a boy.
If there is nausea and vomiting in the earlier period of the pregnancy, the baby grows as a girl.

There are unfortunately many superstitions like these ones that are not true at all. They are definitely far from science. Believing in these superstitions and doing what they say may increases the possibility of damaging mothers health. There is a 50 percentage of the gender. When the baby is born as a boy or a girl, do not tell that it has happened for your behaviors.

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