First Doctor’s Appointment

First Doctor's Appointment

After you learn that you are pregnant, you may get a little confused in the first period.

Because of this confusion, you may not know what to ask your doctor on your first appointment. Let’s briefly talk about what you might ask the first time you see the doctor.

First you should learn that how often the controls will be. You will know when you will go to the doctor’s office and this will make you feel a little more relaxed.
If you have medications you are using, be sure to ask your doctor if they are safe.
If you are using drugs in your pregnancy, your doctor may give you the appropriate medication.

If you have chronic diseases that resulted in death in your family history, be sure to inform your doctor and if you have chronic illness, share all details with your doctor.

What tests should you take during pregnancy? This is also one of the questions you must ask. In that way, you will know in advance which tests will be performed.

Share with your doctor what kind of birth method you prefer. If you are unsure, compare the birth methods to your doctor, the pros and cons.

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