Cosmetics Products That Pregnant Women Should Stay Away

Cosmetics Products That Pregnant Women Should Stay Away

A woman uses almost 20 different cosmetics products in a day. However, these products include chemicals that can adversely affect the fetus.

A pregnant woman may be using these products all the time and it may be some kind of a habit for her. However pregnant women should give up on their habit. Some of the products, which experts claim that pregnant women should stay away, are as follows:

It is the general term used to define the chemicals, which are used to make the odors more permanent and make the elastics more flexible. It is usually used in lotions and perfumes. The overdose of this substance caused problems in reproduction in animals. However, its effect on human health is still not clear yet. This substance is not mentioned on the label. Therefore you should prefer products with no perfume and scents instead of products with intense odor and scent.

Hair Care Products
Effects of procedures such as dye and perm, which affects the hair and scalp, is not clear yet too. However, it will be better to not take any risks. At least you should not subject to these during your pregnancy. The chemicals may not be absorbed by the scalp apart from the root dye. You can prefer henna instead of the dye as a natural product.

It is a kind of vitamin A and it is used in anti-aging creams and acne drugs. A pregnant woman who uses an acne drug called Accutane will be already warned by her doctor. Of course, the doctor should be informed about this drug. This drug causes birth defects and it should never be used during the pregnancy. The effects of other types of retinoids are not clear yet as well however the experts recommend you not use such products.

Salicylic Acid
High doses of salicylic acid (SA), which is used orally, causes birth defects as well. It is noted that low dose of salicylic acid that is available in skin cleaning products is not harmful. However, SA and BHA (beta hydroxy acid) should not be taken orally.

Tanning Cream
There are two types of tannin cream as physical and chemical protectives. The chemical ones include oxybenzone and avobenzone and these are absorbed by the skin. Therefore the tanning cream you need to prefer is the physical protective one.

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