The Occupations Preventing Pregnancy

The Occupations Preventing Pregnancy

Workload and stress might negatively affect the women who wants to get pregnant.

Also there are some occupations that may prevent pregnancy. Let’s glance at these jobs.

Mining Engineering
Experts remarks that working in an air-free environment and carrying heavy things affects fertility negatively. The toxic gasses arising at ground researches also makes pregnancy harder to get.

Chemistry Engineering
As we all know, being under exposure of chemical agents constanly is quite hazardous for our health. Experts denotes that the women whose occupation is chemistry engineering are in a risky category about getting pregnant.

Radiologists who are constantly under the exposure hazardous X rays are also inthe risky category.

Pilots and Flight Attendants
You may be suspicious of the risk of it. The risk of stillbirth is pretty high for the women working on these departments as they are always under high pressure. A pilot or a flight attendant who wants to get pregnant are to see a doctor to discuss on countinueing the occupation.

Divers are also under high pressure as the pilots and the flight attendants. As the pressure is able to damage brain , the women who wants to get pregnant is better to keep away from the occupation.

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