Eat Well for Three Months and Increase Chance of Pregnancy

Eat Well for Three Months and Increase Chance of Pregnancy

Women who want to become pregnant are recommended to mix 5-6 teaspoons of sunflower, sesame and extra virgin olive oil every day.

In addition, the life style of couples is as important as the treatment. Head of the Royal Nutrition Department, Royal Society of Medicine, England , Marilyn Glenville states that women trying to become pregnant should change their diet at least three months before trying it. Three months’ period will not affect the number of eggs a woman will produce, but it will definitely affect the quality of the eggs . Same goes for sperm, of course. Dr. Glenville recommends the following for nutrition to women:

If your blood sugar is unstable, if you are too fat or too weak, reproductive hormones that help you get pregnant may not be able to function properly. To correct this, it is very important what kind of carbohydrate you consume. Carbohydrates are two kinds: complex and simple. Vegetables, whole grains, legumes contain complex carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates are found in white sugar, fruit and fruit juices. In order to increase the chance of getting pregnant, complex carbohydrate consumption should be emphasized and other simple carbohydrate-containing foods except fruit should not be consumed. Cereals are also increasing the possibility of fertilization.

Protein produces amino acids that play an active role in the regulation of blood sugar balance and in cell renewal. These amino acids produce hormones and repair cells. The best sources of protein are: oily fish, eggs, pulses, nuts, seeds. It would be helpful to consume more pulses instead of meat.

Dairy Products
Some studies have shown that calcium in dairy products has a positive effect on fertility. But there are researches that are just the opposite. The important factor is lactose in the milk product. Lactose can not be digested by some people. For this reason, it is thought that it can harm their eggs. But this is not the main point, the hormones used in the production of dairy products. Cows only give milk after birth. Two months after birth, the cows are again artificially fertilized for continuous milk production. Since estrogen is produced at high rates, these hormones are passed down to milk and naturally to dairy products. Consume as much organic products as possible in both milk and meat products.

There are some very important fatty acids for the body. These are also found in fatty fish, in seeds and in nuts. It is very important both during the pregnancy progress and pregnancy. If enough fat acid is not consumed, development of the baby’s brain, eyes and nervous system may be negatively affected.

For Men: Honey and Garlic
Dr.Glenville emphasizing that men have as important role as women in fertilization recommends the following for men:
– They can activate sperms by consuming a lot of vegetables and fruits
– Omega 3 in oily fish and fatty acids raise sperm quality.
– Vitamin B and selenium in garlic increase the fertility of man. It is recommended that the garlic be consumed raw.
– Honey also increases fertility and has an aphrodisiac effect. Brown rice, grains, avocado and red meat are also foods that increase fertility.
– For both women and men, give up alcohol and cigarettes.

In women who want to become pregnant, caffeine has been found to have some adverse effects on fertility. For this reason it is advisable to stay away from caffeine.

Alcohol can also prevent fertilization. It can prevent fertilization on women especially over 30.

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