Do Not Give Up Breastfeeding Due to Esthetics

Do Not Give Up Breastfeeding Due to Esthetics

Some mothers are seen that they breastfeed their babies for a short time because of their esthetics doubts.

But unfortunately this is wrong. A newborn baby should be feed by breast milk at least for six months. This can provide the baby for being more intelligent than the babies not feeded with breast milk.

More than one million babies in the world pass away because of diarrhea, respiratory tract infections and other infections. We can say that the breast milk is the most important factor for the baby’s development and growing up. It is the first nourishment of every newborn baby. The mother must definitely breastfeed her baby. The breast milk is also clean and the most economical way.

Diarrhea and respiratory tract infections are seen less in the babies who are fed by breast milk. The breast milk clearly has lots of benefits. It also makes the baby more intelligent. The breast milk alone is enough without supplementary food. The baby can be fed with breast milk until 2 years. It is definitely wrong to give up breast milk because of esthetics and beauty concerns. Breastfeeding creates the biggest relationship between the mother and the baby.


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