Don’t Habituate Your Children to Convenience Food

Don’t Habituate Your Children to Convenience Food

The additives in almost all foods can cause many problems within the body’s of sensitive children.

Nowadays unfortunately convenience foods replaced proper diet. These type of foods maybe practical for adults but definitely not for the children.

Back in the days when technology was not so advance, convenience foods were not so common. In other words children were not raised on additives. In the infancy period the use of paralled products
of breast milk, milks with additives and readymade baby foods are widely used and increasing every passing day. In the childhood period consuming too much convenience foods like chocolate, sugar and biscuits makes way to appearence of some problems.

For what purpose the additives are used?
– To keep the sustenance, longer shelf life, longer durability.
– To improve the texture.
– To keep and make the product more attractive.
– Prevention of growing microorganisms.
– Provide diversity.

There are still lots of researchs are being made about the pros and cons of additives. But in kids, overcomsumption of these additives can lead to unwanted cosequences. If you are aware of the
additives and the amount of them in your food, you can avoid bad consequences. Eventhough the use of these additives are created by international organizations, the researches can take longer than it should be because of unexpected effects. Make sure your kid grow up on a proper natural diet and keep the convenience food away in the infancy period. It’s all in your hands.

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