How Beneficial are the Educational Videos?

How beneficial are the educational videos

A research carried by American scientists shows that babies do not learn much in educational videos.

It showed up that the parent’s daily talks are more beneficial for the baby to learn new words.

The researchers seperated 72 babies who had not watched educational video before in your groups and made them watch these videos. It was searched whether they learned the words in the videos or not a month later.

In this research, it was seen that babies who watched the videos alone or with their parents did not know anything more than the babies who did not watch the videos.

This research published in Psychological Science magazine showed that the babies learned the same words in the video while their parents were speaking.

Even though the parents relates their children’s education to these videos, it is not true. It is a result of the natural development process. As a result, you will be more beneficial for your babies’ education if you make your baby listen to you instead of making them watching these videos.

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