What Are The Reasons for Premature Birth?

What are the Reasons for Premature Birth

The babies born before 37 weeks are called premature . There is not a single cause, there are manyreasons.

Multiple Pregnancy
If a twin or triple baby is expected, premature birth may occur because the uterus can expand to acertain point.

The Age of Mother
It is not a very important factor, but the possibility of premature birth is slightly higher under the age of 20 and over 35 .

Baby Growth
If there is a problem in the baby’s development, there may be premature birth. There may be a development problem depending on the placenta. The growth retardation may also cause premature birth.

Past Operations
Women who have had surgery for the uterus and women with preeclampsia may have prematurebirth.

Vaginal infections, bacteria, urinary tract infections can cause premature birth.

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