The Stages of Childbirth

The Stages of Childbirth

The process of the first childbirth may last between 12 and 24 hours which is lesser in following births.

First Stage
It is the longest period of birth that may take 20 hours. In the first stage; the cervix begins to dilate and continues until it becomes 10 cm. The first dilation is around three or four centimeters. Pain may occur slightly in this period. Moderate pain arrives 20 minutes after the birth begins.

When the cervix dilates four or eight centimeters, pain gets harder occurring intervals of three minutes. At this stage bleeding and back pain may be felt.

Second Stage
At this period as the cervix being dilated ten centimeters, two hours or more time may pass until the infant gets out of birth canal and the vagina.

The pain at this stage is harder that occurs around two or five minutes lasting one and half of a minute which leads the mother to push the baby out.

Third Stage
The baby is born and the placenta leaves birth canal in about twenty minutes.

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