The Signs of Labor

The Signs of Labor

Though the exact time when the labor starts cannot be known the body starts to get ready for the birth a month earlier. Some signs show up even though you do not realize.

You may feel as if you have got lighter. The pressure on Pelvis decreases and you breathe easier. Some aches as in the periods may be observed on some pregnant. These aches may be a sign for labor.
Changes in Uterus
Some changes may occur days or weeks before the labor. There may be an opening in cervix if it is the first birth. But if it is not the first birth this opening may remain limited as 1 or 2 cm.

Cervical Mucus Flow
There is cervical mucus which keeps the cervical canal safe. You may think that as a plug. As the labor arrives the mucus flows out at once or fragmentarily. This flow may last some days for some pregnant the reason of which may be sexual intercourse or vaginal check. It is considered as normal when it happens close to the labor. But it is better to see a doctor immediately If it happens long time before the labor.

Water Break
There breaks the water when the amniotic sac where the baby grows is torn. In this case you should immediately call your doctor or go to the hospital.
For most of the women the water break happens after spasms. Sometimes water breaks after the amniotic sac is torn which means that the labor will start in a short span of time. If the labor does not start soon, the baby may get infected as there is not amniotic water.
The water does not spring out as seen in the movies. Generally it occurs as a leakage when the mother is already lying down on the obstetric table. You may feel a warm water leaking down on your legs. Besides, the water break is not a painful course.

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