Tension Extends The Time of Birth

Tension Extends The Time of Birth

If you are afraid of giving birth, then you are not alone.

The end of the research shows that one out of every five mothers is afraid of birth.Future mothers who are afraid of birth also have a longer period of birth than normal. This is another result.

Comfortable mother takes about 6.5 hours to birth. But in nervous mothers, duration of delivery can last up to 8 hours. At Oslo University, psychological tests were conducted on 2206 people for 36 weeks. In tests, 7,5% of the group was afraid of birth. It has been seen that these people lasted about 1.5 hours longer than others.

The reason for the prolongation of the birth period is the secretion of adrenaline in the body due to fear. Adrenaline causes the uterine muscles to stop, and the baby’s pushing is delayed.

Psychological support is offered to cope with fear of birth. You can also try relaxing methods like yoga.

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