How to Understand False Birth

How to Understand False Birth

It is called irregular pangs and contractions before the actual birth.

Pseudo-births cause panic among the pregnant. But if you know some of the characteristics of a false birth, you can easily understand when the real birth is coming.

In fact, the pseudo-birth takes place because the body prepares itself for real birth. Pseudo-birth pains start in about the second trimester. It is quite common in the last three months.

What are the differences between a false birth and a real birth?

How often does it happen?
Pseudo-birth: It is usually irregular and has wide time intervals.
Real birth: It can be seen at regular intervals and lasts for 30-70 seconds. Time will become more and more common.

Will contractions change when they move?
Pseudo-birth: When walking or moving, contractions may disappear.
Real birth: Moving does not cause a change.

How violent is it?
Pseudo-birth: In general, mild contractions or severe at the beginning, then descending severity.
Real birth: Contractions are getting more and more intense.

Where is the pain felt?
Pseudo-birth: In general, pain in the abdomen and lower abdomen is felt.
Real birth: usually starts at the lower part of the belly and then goes towards the area of the anterior abdomen.

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