Eat Food During Birth

Eat Food During Birth

British scientists found that eating and drinking are not harmful during childbirth.

Almost all hospitals around the world have restricted maternal nutrition once birth begins. It is stated that this rule applied to caesarean section and general anesthesia may be unnecessary.
A total of 3130 women participated in a research conducted at Liverpool University. All of these women were examined for the possibility of giving birth without the need for general anesthesia. Women were divided into two groups. There was no eating or drinking in the first group and this was limited in the second group.

Heart rhythm, reflex, skin color, breathing status were observed in the tests performed on babies after birth, and both groups showed the same result.
It is also stated by experts that by snacking something during birth, you can help your strength. But here is the point: you should consume simple foods instead of heavy foods that will put pressure on your digestive system.

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