Wrongly Knowns About Breastfeeding

Wrongly Knowns About Breastfeeding

There is lots of information causing mothers stop breastfeeding their babies. We will mention some of them.

First of all, the mother needs to be motivated to breastfeed her baby. Most of the mothers think that their breast milk is not enough and gives up breastfeeding. Wrongly knowns also cause this situation.

Can a mother who smokes or takes medicine breastfeed?

Some of the medicine that the mother takes may affect the milk production negatively. Diuretic medicine or smoking more than six cigarettes a day may decrease milk production. The mother, of course, is expected not to smoke. The drugs taken mostly interfere the milk but this is %1. This rate may change related to the frequency and quantity of breastfeeding. The mothers breastfeeding should be attentive not to take medicine. The medicine which is needed to take should be consulted to a doctor. The medicine to be taken should be the ones that the baby can take.

Can the birth control pill be taken while breastfeeding?

The mothers breastfeeding should take only the birth control pills that contains progesterone. The ones that contains estrogen may influence the milk production negatively.

Wrongly Knowns About Breastfeeding

Does the things that mother eats affect the taste of milk?

The taste of milk may change according to what mother eats. For instance, after she eats garlic, the milk tastes like garlic.

Is it necessary to clean the breast before each feeding?

It is enough to clean once a day.

How long should it take to breastfeed? How long should it take to breastfeed from each breast?

At the beginning of breastfeeding, the first milk comes. This first milk is rich of carbohydrate. At the end of breastfeeding, the last milk comes and it is rich of fat. For this reason, it is suggested to breastfeed from each breast until the baby gets full and leaves. On the first days of breastfeeding, both breasts can feed each time to increase the milk production.

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