Why Babies Cry?

Why Babies Cry

Babies can cry three hours a day during the first three months after the birth and it’s quite normal.

Crying is the only way for your baby to communicate with you. They cry without tears and they can only tell that they are hungry, their diaper must be changed, they are tired, they are cold or they need physical contact by crying. They will stop crying in case you can determine their needs quickly and meet them.

Some people may suggest you leave the baby crying until they fall asleep however this is not correct. You must respond to the crying of newborn babies quickly. This will let the baby feel safe. You should not react to your baby by thinking that she is crying for no reason. They will learn how to communicate with you as days passes and you can meet their needs easily.

What to Do When Your Baby Cries?
Your newborn baby usually cries because she gets hungry. If you are sure about the reason, try to breastfeed.
One of the most important reasons why they cry is fecal soiling. You should change the diaper immediately.
Babies may often cry due to the temperature of the environment. Do not bore them with sheets and blankets. They may not feel comfortable enough to sleep with such coverings.

Your baby cries and she never stops no matter what you do? Maybe you hold her, maybe you gave teat to her, maybe you went outside with her. You should learn these and make them a routine. Thus your baby will get used to this routine and it will be much easier for you to calm her down.

You should consult with your doctor in case you baby never stops crying despite all of your efforts. In case your baby used to cry less, however, began to cry a lot then this may be the indicator of a sickness. You should consult with your doctor again.

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