When Is It Dangerous for Babies to Vomit?

When Is It Dangerous for Babies to Vomit

Vomiting in babies is quite normal for the first weeks.

This is because they are not get used to the breast milk yet and they are still growing up. Crying is quite normal too.

Many factors may cause babies to vomit. Driving, indigestion and even crying for a long time. These are quite normal. Since the feeling of satiety is not fully developed yet during the first months, they can over-eat and they may vomit due to this. The vomit that takes place after the first few months may indicate a virus or stomach problems. Well, in which cases the baby’s vomit can be dangerous?

– If the baby has dry mouth, pees less or cries without tears,
– 38 degrees or more temperature in the babies who are at most 3 months old, 39 or more degrees in babies who are older than 3 months old,
– When the baby does not want to eat,
– If the baby vomits more than 12 hours or vomits a lot,
– If there are rashes on the body,
– If there are breathing problems,
– If the baby is having hard times to fall asleep,
– If the stomach is swollen

It is good for you to consult with a doctor since these may be the symptoms of other problems.

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