Things to Know About Newborns

Things to Know About Newborns

The baby will shed about in 10 days. During this time, the belly of the baby should be cleaned every day. The belly area should be cleaned carefully with gauze with %70 alcohol in order to prevent any infection. Also, cotton may be used. Once the baby sheds, minor bleeding is quite normal, do not worry about it. In case there is any flix or there may be swelling then you must consult to a doctor. You should also keep paying attention to cleaning after the shedding.

Breast Milk
The breast milk includes all of the nutrients for the development of the baby and it strengthens the immune system of the baby against the diseases. Breastfeeding, which ensures the spiritual connection between the mother and the baby, also offers a connection between you and your baby.

The period for breastfeeding is entirely up to you. You can set this time depending on the most suitable and relaxing hours of the day for yourself. You can determine the most comfortable stance. Do not forget to clean your nipples by washing your hands with hot water before you start breastfeeding.

First, let your baby breastfeed from one breast for 10 minutes. Then breastfeed for 10 minutes from the other breast. Start the next breastfeeding from the last breast your baby breastfed. It is important to breastfeed your baby from both of your breasts. This is important for the continuous creation of the mother’s milk. Also, pay attention to not prevent the breathing of the baby while breastfeeding.

Your baby would like to breastfeed when he is hungry. And he may let you know this by crying. After a while, you will be able to understand what your baby needs from the way of his crying. It is normal for you to breastfeed your baby for 8 times in a day. Though, babies cannot sleep for more than 5 hours when they are hungry. The reason why they feel hunger quickly is the fact that breast milk can be digested faster than baby formula. Help your baby for flatulation after you feed him. The easiest way to do so is leaning your baby on your shoulder, where his belly will be on your shoulder, and gently patting his back. Probably, your baby will vomit some of the milk during the flatulation. This is why do not forget to place a towel or cloth on your shoulder. Clean your nipples with the hot water after the breastfeeding and try not to use a soap. You can place a cloth or buffer in your bra since the milk may seize. It is quite normal to feel ache during the first days of breastfeeding. If this is the case, gently rub your nipples with lotion or cream.

We have talked about the importance of breastfeeding before. This allows a connection between the mother and the baby. It also emotionally satisfy the mother. Some studies have proven that breast milk has a positive effect on the intellectual development of the babies. Babies who are fed with breast milk during the first weeks become more successful adults when compared to those who are fed with baby formula.

One of the most significant needs of newborns is sleep. Your baby sleeps as much as he needs. Since their sleep order has not been developed yet, they may sleep while you are awake and may be awake while you are sleeping. The sleeping order will develop in time.

There are some things that you need to know in order to let your baby feel comfortable while sleeping. Lighting, cleaning, and comfort. You should not sleep your baby on the pillow until he turns to 2 years-old. He will feel comfortable when he is lying on his back in an inclined way. You should not put your baby to bed right after the breastfeeding. You should not cover your baby a lot. The room temperature should be 20-22 degrees.

You may have difficult times during the first bath of your newborns. You may get help from an experienced person for your first times. You will enjoy the bath after you get used to it. Your baby needs to take bath more as he grows up since he will get dirty quickly. This is why you need to make sure that your baby likes to have a bath so that you will not experience any problem in the future.

What Should You Use While Washing Your Baby?
Bath tube, baby shampoo, baby soap, clean towels, cotton buds are the things that you need to use.
Use boiled warm water for eyes, ears, and face until your baby is 6 months-old.
Use cotton while cleaning his nose or ears. Only clean the areas that you can see.
Never leave your baby alone in the bath.
Support the back of your baby during the bath.
Check the temperature of the water with your elbow.

Changing the Diaper
Babies wet their diaper a lot during the first weeks. This is because they have a small bladder. You should clean the mess as soon as possible. The stool of the baby may be green, black or sticky during the first days after the birth. This is the stool, which is called meconium and located in the intestines of the baby before the birth. Green or brown stool indicates that your baby is in the transition period. This indicates that his digestive system began to adapt itself to the new feeding order. Yellow colored with mustard consistency stool can be observed in babies who are fed with breast milk.

One of the common problems that you can encounter while changing the diaper of your baby is diaper rash. You should change the diaper of the baby too often, let that area ventilate and should not leave the area wet in order to prevent diaper rash.

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