Teeth Cleaning in Babies

Teeth Cleaning in Babies

Experts claim that it is important to start tooth care in babies when they turn 6 months old and it prevents problems such as tooth decay and jaw disorders.

Children who have their first milk teeth begin to be fed with baby’s bottle and solid and liquid foods. Since these foods are usually acidic and sugary, they may damage the milk teeth, which are very sensitive, in the future.

At the least chewing surface of the teeth should be cleaned before the breakfast and before they sleep at night. You can wet the gauze and use it for cleaning. This cleaning should be performed until they turn 4 or 5 years old and then you can use soft toothbrushes. Baby should drink water from any kind of food consumption.

The structure of the permanent teeth may break down in children whose milk teeth decay and they may come out in different areas with different shapes. It may even possible that the permanent teeth will never come out and stay in there. Not paying enough attention to the milk teeth may cause serious problems such as jaw disorders in the future.

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