Suggestions to Stop Breastfeeding

Suggestions to Stop Breastfeeding

Stopping breastfeeding can be an emotional process for many mothers.

Various questions may be on the minds of many mothers, such as: “How can I do it without bothering my baby?”, “I tried but I fail”, “My baby becomes very angry, what should I do?”

If you have concerns like these then the first thing you need to do is choosing the right time to stop breastfeeding. Well, how can you know this period? You should seek assistance from your doctor in this issue who observed and checked you starting from the birth, followed the process and you should decide together.

What should you do if your doctor tells you it is the time?

Firstly, you need to prepare yourself emotionally. Breastfeeding is a period which each woman feel different emotions. You may be happy due to the connection between you and your baby and stopping the breastfeeding may be challenging for you. However, it is something that you need to do. You may have to start from the beginning if you will try to stop breastfeeding before you get ready emotionally.

What should you do in order to relax emotionally?

You should realize that your baby is grown a little. Your baby needs to be fed without the dependence on you now. Watching your baby while doing so will make you happy too if this happens. You should not hurry up in order to stop breastfeeding in case you are having stressful times. You may be impatient, angry or extremely emotional. In this case, you may have to start the process from the beginning.

In the same way, your baby should also have a peaceful period. Teething, moving and change of the carer are the most stressful periods of the babies. This is why the period that your baby experiences are also very important. Make sure that your baby is in a peaceful period.

Stopping breastfeeding is a challenging process for many babies. Your baby is always next to you starting from the birth, touching your skin, smelling your odor and leaving all of these may make your baby nervous. This is quite natural. The thing that you need to do is acting very patient during this period.

Suddenly cutting the breastfeeding is a method which is not recommended and it may be an emotionally challenging process for your baby. Your baby may feel like you do not want or love him anymore. This is why you should gradually stop the breastfeeding.

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