Does It Relieve The Baby’s Pain to Make It Drink Sugared Water?


As a result of the researches made, it is seen that it does not relieve its pain to make it drink sugared water before the analysis.

According to a research published in a magazine named ‘the Lancet’, it was stated that some doctors based on some medical experiments. However, as a result of the research, as well as there is no difference between the babies drinking sugared water and normal water, both of the babies felt the pain of the injection.
Rebecca Slater who wrote this research stated that the baby’s facial expression who drank the sugared water just changed and the doctors making the analysis were deceived and thought the baby did not feel the pain.

Being stated that the researches about the pain that the newborn babies feel will be deepened, it is seen that the ways like breastfeeding and teat work.

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