Pay Attention to Teeth of Your Baby

Pay Attention to Teeth of Your Baby

Having beautiful and healthy teeth for children can be noticed from birth and even while she is in the womb.

A kid with healthy teeth can speak more smoothly and healthily. It is easier for them to learn new words and they are more comfortable while eating. Most importantly, they smile with a confidence.

Make sure that your children get the habit of brushing their teeth. Make sure that you pick the right toothbrush in order to let them clean their gums and teeth. You can use soft brush and water for the gum cleaning. Babies and children may eat the toothpaste. This is why you need to be careful in toothpaste selection.

The first teeth will appear during the first six and twelve months. It will be good for you to consult with a dentist during this period. Fluoride, which has an important role in the tooth development and decays, are present in the water of some regions. If you are living in an area which has low fluoride, and fluoride supplement may be required. You should consult this with your doctor. Do not use toothpaste with fluoride unless your dentist suggests it to your children.

Also, do not let your children sleep with a bottle that has milk or juice in it. The remainings of these fluids will remain on the teeth of children and they may cause decay. This may be a cause even not all of the teeth appeared. In case your kid cannot sleep without a bottle then you can place some water in it.

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