The Materials You Should Avoid In Pregnancy and While Cleaning The Baby

The Materials You Should Avoid In Pregnancy and While Cleaninf The Baby

It is possible for you to prepare your own materials for your baby’s cleaning instead of using the substances containing chemicals.

You don’t need to make your baby have a bath every day if your baby has a sensitive skin. It is enough to wash your baby’s butt with warm water after replacing the diaper. Be attentive not to use soap while washing your baby’s body. If you often  change the diaper and sometimes do not use diaper to let air in, you can protect your baby from getting diaper rash. You will not need the wet towel or antibacterial soaps. Using antibacterial chemicals too much might prevent your baby’s immune system from developing. Talcum powder might damage your baby’s lungs.

There are some materials you should avoid using for babies and children.

The Materials You Should Avoid In Pregnancy and While Cleaninf The Baby

Paraben: It is seen in the researches made that the substances including paraben has an effect causing cancer. It is also stated that it might cause tumors by effecting oestrogen hormone, even cancer. Baby lotions, baby shampoos, baby soaps, baby oil, sun creams, wet towels mostly contain paraben.

Phthalate: It is observed in the experimental subjects that it may cause cancer in kidneys, liver and developing testicles.

Tar: It is mostly used in dandruff shampoo.  Some doctors may suggest using tar shampoo to

Phenylenediamine: It is used in hair dyes and decolorizing materials. It is known to cause asthma, skin infection and throat irritation.

Dietanolamine (DEA): it is especially dangerous for the embryo and it may cause brain damage.

Toluene: Some of nail care products contains toluene. The nerve system of the babies of the pregnants who are exposed to this substance in the sensitive periods of embryo development may be influenced negatively.

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