Lack of Water Might Disturb Your Baby

Lack of Water Might Disturb Your Baby

It is stated that lack of water might cause disturbance, inappetency and constant crying.

Babies and children lose much water besidesweat especially in summer days. Children can ask for water but little babies unfortunately cannot express themselves. This case should definitely be considered by parents.

Lack of water may cause the baby to go into shock alongside inappetency and constant crying. The water unbalance of the baby may cause him to sleep more and not to eat.

Lack of Water Might Disturb Your Baby

Especially in summer days, you should often make your baby drink water. It is very important for your baby to prevent water loss.

Whatever the weather is, the inner body temperature is between 36.5-37 degrees. Exposure of sunlight too long in very hot weather causes sweating metabolism disorders and the inner body temperature rises. Due to the sudden rise of temperature, your child might go into shock. The indications are blush, faint and throb. If your child wants to be out, the suitable time is until ten a.m. in the morning and after 5 p.m.

Lack of Water Might Disturb Your Baby

If your child has  heat-stroke, you should immediately take him to a cool place and make him drink water. You should make him get a warm shower. Of he is unconcious, you should call health care team.

Nose bleeding is seen often in very hot weather. The reason is the crack in the mucosa in the nose due to the hot weather. You can apply moisturizers into the nose. If your child has nose bleeding, you must not make him lie down. This may lead the blood go through the nasal passage, as a consequence, choking. The child should bend down and be made nose cushion. If the bleeding does not stop, the child should be taken to hospital.

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