Influence of Mother’s Voice on Babies

Influence of Mother's Voice on Babies

Surprising results found out on the influence of mother’s voice on newborn babies.

As a result of the research conducted by scientists from Montreal University and Sainte-Justine University, the language learning areas on the brains of babies activate with the voice of their mothers.

Well, how they discovered this? The electrical waves in the brains of babies examined for the 24 hours after the birth. As a result of this observation, it was determined that brain signals do not react to other voices apart from the voice of the mother. Also, it was observed that areas, which recognize the voice of the mother, has also activated.

Scientists connected electrodes to 16 newly born babies while they are sleeping. They asked the mothers to voice A letter. The same procedure applied by the women nurses. Clear responses observed in the left lobe of the brain when mother voices something. Responses observed in the right lobe of the babies when the nurses voice something.

You probably didn’t know that mother’s voice has such an influence on the babies. This is why do not neglect to talk with your newly born babies.

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