Harms of Iron Deficiency in Babies

Harms of Iron Deficiency in Babies

The fact that the babies between 6-24 months cannot take enough iron may cause anemia and negative effects in baby’s brain development. The babies in these ages must definitely be reinforced by means of iron every day.

The iron is also very important for the babies’ brain development and growing up in a health way. In case of not taking iron enough, iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia may happen. Babies’ functions of reading, learning, understanding and social intelligence may be affected negatively in brain development. If iron deficiency happens between 6-24 months, it can be fixed by iron reinforcement.

The children at this age can be deeded by putting ground red meat in soups. In addition, iron reinforcement can be provided by making the baby eat egg and leguminosae which are rich of iron.

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