Gas Pains in Infants

Gas Pains in Infants

It is called colic for the gas pains occuring in infants and cause your baby to cry for hours without interruption. The stress experienced by parents in these crises can also be effective.

Gas pains are one of the biggest challenges waiting for the family in the first months of the newborn baby. The causes of these pains in babies and loss of sleep of their parents for months is not yet known precisely. It usually starts in the second week after birth and increases towards the end of the first month. When the baby is about four months old, the pain ends.

Gas pains are more common in the first infants and boys. Experts do not find it appropriate to give pain relief to a baby suffering from gas pain. Relieving herbal products or teas can be used instead of pain relievers. Taking the baby in lap to calm it can be effective and making a light massage. What should not be forgotten is that this process is part of the baby’s development. Therefore, parents should not be stressed or nervous. Stress and tension may be reflected in the baby and the baby’s crying may increase.

The pain caused by the gas should not be confused with the one caused by any other discomfort, and a doctor should always be consulted in case of doubt.

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