Feeding of Suckling

Feeding of Suckling

The first two years of babies considered to be a critical period for children. This period is quite important in terms of physical and behavioral development.

Growth retardation, vitamin, and mineral deficiency, which are some of the main causes of the diseases in children, are experienced most frequently in the 0-2 age range. It is known that malnutrition in children, who are younger than 2 years-old, has negative effects on their general health and brain development. This is why it is very important to educate the mothers and mother candidates about the ideal feeding of sucklings.

0-6 Months
It is recommended that babies should be fed without any nutritional supplements including the water but only breastfeeding during the first six months. Continuation of breastfeeding for the following two years together with the suitable nutritional supplements -starting from the sixth month- is considered to be ideal.

You should start breastfeeding right after one hour from the birth. In case you will neglect this period where the baby will actively breastfeed, the following breastfeed process will be adversely affected. One of the most important factors for the milk secretion is keeping the baby and the mother in the same room and breastfeed the baby whenever he cries. The breastfeeding should take at least 10 minutes.

The most suitable position for breastfeeding is the position which both baby and the mother is comfortable. The mother can breastfeed while sitting or lying. Regardless of the position, the head and body of the baby should be upright, the bodies should be close to each other and the baby should be supported from the below.

Breast milk is enough for the baby. In case the breast milk is sufficient or breast milk cannot be provided, then you should prefer the formula milk which is very close to breast milk in terms of the nutrients. In case natural feeding is not possible and the budget of the family is not enough for the formula milk then you can prefer the cow milk. You should boil the cow milk and dilute 1/1 ratio during the first month and dilute 2/1 ratio during the first and the fourth month. You can provide the raw milk after the 4th month. You can include 5 grams of sugar into 100 grams of milk in order to increase its calorie value. You should not provide cow milk to babies during the first 9 months unless you have no choice.

6-12 Months
The best time for the transition to supplementary foods is the end of the 6th month. It is very important for the health of the baby to continue breastfeeding together with the supplementary foods until the 24th month. You should provide low amounts of supplementary foods starting from the 6th month while continuing the breastfeeding and it should be increased gradually. Your baby can consume half-solid foods which are in the form of puree at the end of the 6th month. They can consume the foods without any help at the end of the 8th month. They will be able to consume any food that a family can eat at the end of the 12th month. You should consider the needs of your baby in this period and should not provide hard foods such as nuts, grapes, peanut, carrot due to the danger of choking. It is recommended to not provide tea, coffee or soda. You can provide water from the 6th month. You should boil the water first and then provide it until the 12th month.

The foods should be prepared in hygienic environments and in the right manner. The mother should wash her hands before preparing the good and also you should wash the hands of your baby too. Clean bowl, spoon should be used. Since the cleaning of the baby’s bottle is quite challenging, it is not recommended.

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