False Strabismus In Babies And Treatment

False Strabismus In Babies And Treatment

Strabismus is called that eyes are not parallel while looking across. The reason is that one or some of the six muscles in each eye does not work properly.

Cross-eye is mostly innate and it may seen through up, down, left or right. It may exist related to neurological diseases and trauma as a result of the unfixed deficiencies such as myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism.

False strabismus
False strabismus is an esodeviation impression of side-view seen false strabismus. However, thinking that the cross eye of the baby is normal until a certain age is wrong. Innate cataract and the tumors existing in the eye may cause cross eye. An ophthalmologist must be seen in a doubtful situation.

The most common reason of cross eye is unfixed fraction deficiencies. In these situations which occurs around 2-3 ages, glasses must be used. Thanks to glasses, both the baby’s vision quality will increase and its cross eye will probably disappear. It should be kept in mind that the treatment duration is long and hard.

Closure treatment
It is the treatment which must be definitely applied in the treatment of amblyopia occurred related to number difference between two eyes and cross eye.

Ortoptic eye
It is the treatment applied to enhance the visual capacity and three dimension feeling.

It is mostly applied for the cases in which cross eye is not caused by fraction deficiencies and the treatment is not done enough by glasses. However it is not a treatment to get rid of glasses. If needed, it should be continued to wear glasses.

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