A Danger For The Babies Watching TV Too Much

A Danger For The Babies Watching TV Too Much

Babies who are under two watching and being watched television are reported to have indications like autism.

Experts states that children spend lots of their time watching television which may lead to disorder in their physical and mental development.

Children watching television too much might have developmental delay like autism when they watch images such as commercials and music clips constantly. Especially children under two might have delay in behaviours such as learning capacity, language development, mimics and eye contact.

Autism is a corruption which happens due to a deficiency of chemical balance in brain and whose indications appear before 2-3 years. Although the experts have not proved the relation between television and autism, they state that the children who watch television too much make less eye contact, do not like hugging and have difficulty in understanding what is spoken around. These children are reported that they might show abnormal behaviours such as weak social interaction and social skills, not being interested in people and the games that their peers play, jumping and clapping hands.

Consequently, children under two must not be exposed to television. Physical and mental health of the children at this age is going to be influenced negatively, their language development is going to be delayed and their social interaction and skills are going to be corrupted. Therefore, American Academy of Pediatrics especially states that children between 0-2 ages should be kept away television.

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