Can Breastfed Babies Drink Water?

Can Breastfed Babies Drink Water

It is a common idea that breastfed babies should not drink water.

If the baby is being breastfed enough and baby can gain sufficient weight then it is not a must to provide water together with breastfeeding. It is not because water may cause problems but it is suggested in order to meet the thirst of the babies with breast milk and fill the stomach of the baby with breast milk but not water.

Of course, there will be special cases. For example, if the baby is sick, eating supplementary food and formula then the baby should drink water. You absolutely need to offer water to your baby in such cases.

How Much Water Should Babies Drink In Case They Eat Supplementary Food?
Babies should drink water in case they are fed with solid supplements such as fruits and vegetables by adding them to the breast milk. If the baby is younger than 6 months old and fed with both breast milk and formula then there is no need to offer water. Few teaspoons of water will be enough for the baby after the formula. This amount will be equal to 40-50 cc per day. If there is no constipation problem for the baby who is fed with both breast milk and formula then that baby is getting enough water. If you observe the constipation symptoms then you can increase the amount of water you provide.

How Much Water Do the Babies Drink In Case They Are Sick?
The water consumption of the babies and children with inflammatory diseases increase. The amount of water may be doubled especially during the summer seasons in case the children have inflammatory diseases. The mother should track the urine of the baby. In case the diaper is not wet for a long time then this means that your baby does not consume enough water.

What to Do If the Baby or Kid Do Not Want to Drink Water?
Then the foods and dishes that the baby likes should be cooked with plenty of food. You should let your children get the habit of drinking soup and eating watery dishes. They can also drink milk but of course, it will never hold the place of water.

Does the Amount of Water that the Child Has to Drink Change Depending on the Age?
Of course, the amount of water to be consumed differs depending on the age and weight. A one-year-old kid is about 10 kilos and he or she needs to drink about 1 liter of water daily. A kid, who is 12-years-old and 30 kilos, should consume 1,5 liters of water daily.

Should Water Consumption Change Depending on the Season?
The amount of water may be doubles during the summer seasons since water and salt loss increases due to the sweating in extremely hot days.

What Are the Consequences of Insufficient Water Consumption?
The biggest problem due to the insufficient water consumption in hot days is dehydration, i.e., loss of water. Dehydration may lead to the impaired kidney function and kidney failure in babies. In addition to this, the blood electrolyte balance may be impaired and problems such as heart arrhythmias, cramps, contractions and brain edema may occur.

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