9 Factors That Should Be Paid Attention In Premature Birth

9 Factors That Should Be Pa'd Attention In Premature Birth

It is accepted that the time that the baby spends in mother’s womb is generally 40 weeks.

It is defined as premature birth if the birth occurs before 37th week. You wait for your baby to be born impatiently but it causes some problems 8f the baby comes prematurely.
The earlier your birth occurs than37th week, the more problems your baby is likely to face. A newborn baby cannot be treated like an adult. The experts stating that the babies have their own personal features also states that the people who are experts in their field should take care of the premature babies. Let’s have a look at the things that should be paid attention for the premature babies care.
1. Intensive care team
It needs to be experienced, educated and dynamic. The intensive care team should also be only focused on the babies.

2. The parents should be with the baby
The parents should be with the baby although the baby is premature. We are talking about physical contact. Touching the baby lets the emotional relationship happen between the parents and the baby. It may not be possible at the beginning but the physical contact should happen at the first chance. It also makes the baby sleep easily and increases the mother’s milk by decreasing the stress. It is called as “kangaroo care”. The parents of the babies whose health situation is critical should be patient.

3. Equipment
All the equipment in the hospital that the baby is stays must be ready. It should have laboratory and blood unit that serves constantly. It is very important that the radiology unit should be enough.

4. Perinatological care
Perinatology is the science branch that plans the prenatal care of the baby and the mother who are at high risk. Gynecologist notices the risk of the mother and the baby who are under regular control quickly and does the necessary treatment. In situations like this, the baby is kept in mother’s womb as long as possible.

5. Breast milk
The breast milk is vital for the premature babies. It strengthens the digestive and immune system of the baby. Therefore, it should be paid attention to breastfeed the baby as soon as it is born.

6. Special drugs for the lungs
Now, the lung diseases do not pose a problem for the premature babies as in the past. There are two types of medicine to prevent this situation. The first one is cortisone that is given to the mother whose premature birth risk is high. The second one is a biological drug that is applied to the baby’s lungs after the birth.

9 Factors That Should Be Pa'd Attention In Premature Birth

7. While leaving the hospital
While discharging the premature baby from the hospital, you should prepare an important plan. The mother is given important information that she will learn the basic information for the baby’s care and the medicine that she should give the baby. She is also told what she should do in case of an emergency by animated education.
8. Constant control
After the baby is discharged from the hospital, it should always controlled by interval prolongation and its development should be followed intimately.

9. Supporting the parents
The parents who have a premature baby may be exposed to negative impacts from the people around. In this case, the parents should be felt that they are not alone and these bad days will pass.

The premature degrees of the baby according to its birth time is as the following.
34-37 weeks: late premature
30-34 weeks: half premature
28-30 weeks: full premature
26-28 weeks: advanced premature
24-26 weeks: premature on the edge of life

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